Thursday, December 1, 2016

A cooler, Oakley sunglasses and a Abu Garcia make a great day.

A cooler, Oakley sunglasses and a Abu Garcia rod is all I need to have a great summer day. Salt water fishing is one of my favorite hobbies and every year my brother and I pick a place to visit on our list. On this map are locations where I have friends who also love to fish and are waiting for me to explore that fishing site. The areas in green are chosen places I have already visited and the areas in red are places I have not explored yet. This summer of 2016 while I was away in military training I still managed to sneak in a fishing session out in Virginia Beach and it was a beautiful time. I am hoping to expand this map and locations as I continue to fish every year. When I complete this map I will create another one with newer locations to explore. If you love to fish I highly recommend some of these places as they are the most exciting places to fish in.

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