Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where Did I Come From?

This is a map depicting the ancestry of my family, both past and present. There is quite a lot that is still unknown about my family's past, especially with my paternal grandmother's side as my grandmother passed away at age 50. I hope that viewing the map is an enjoyable experience, getting to see just how diverse my family tree is.


The blue stars represent my Paternal Grandfather's ancestry while the blue points represent my Paternal Grandmother's ancestry. The blue squares represent where in the world my father's extended family currently resides.

The coral stars represent my Maternal Grandfather's ancestry while the coral points represent my Maternal Grandmother's ancestry. The coral squares represent where in the world my mother's extended family currently resides.

The yellow square represents where my soon to be in-laws reside and the yellow point represents where they are from.

The purple points represent my immediate family, where we were born and live today.

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