Wednesday, April 5, 2017

EarthView at the State House -- Wed April 19

Photo credit: BSU Geography alumna Ashley (Costa) Harris
This iconic photo appears in Geography for LifeThe National Geography Standards from AAG/NGS/NCGE
Project EarthView -- a joint project of our Department of Geography, the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance, and the BSU Center for the Advancement of STEM Education -- is returning to the State House during Earth Week.

We have done this each April for almost a decade, as a way to celebrate and promote geographic education. The presence of a 20-foot portable globe inside the People's House has made a strong impression on many legislators, legislative staff members, April-vacation students, tourists from throughout the world who visit the Freedom Trail, and regional media outlets.

This year, we hope to have as many BSU students as possible -- from all majors -- join us at the State House. You can help us greet visitors to the globe itself, and you can also visit legislative offices to talk with legislators or their aides about the importance of geography education. Most of all, you can enjoy a day of learning in this fascinating building -- which has some interesting geographic characteristics and artifacts.

To organize this visit, we ask participants to enter our EarthView State House Doodle Poll and check one of three boxes. The first column is for those traveling in the van (capacity 12) that will deliver EarthView; the second is for the van leaving at 10:15 to accommodate students with early classes (capacity 15); the third is for people who will get to the State House on their own (marked 12pm, but you can come any time between 9 and 3).

Whether you can join us on April 19 or not, we hope that Massachusetts residents will contact their own representatives and senators to encourage them and members of their staff to visit EarthView. You can use the Find Your Legislator page to obtain a phone number and email address for such invitations.

REMEMBER: The State House is a secure facility with metal detectors and bag scanners. Prepare as if going to an airport.

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